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Invested Parent Membership Site ($500 Value)
  • 27 Video Trainings:  Three videos for each principle. One for mothers. One for fathers. And one application video for the whole family.
  • Resources: Downloadable PDFs to help implement the principles.  
  •  Mobile and Tablet Friendly: The membership site is completely mobile and tablet friendly, so you can watch your trainings on the go!
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Bonus #1 - Audio Tracks ($300 Value)
  • Imediate access to the audio from all 27 videos
  • Listen on the go with your tablet or phone
  • One convenient audio file combining the 3 videos for each Invest Now principle
Bonus #2 - Private Chat Group ($150 Value) 
  •  Gain Immediate Access to the Private Facebook chat group full of parents like yourself.
  •  Get advice from others like you
  • Share your own experience and get your questions answered.
Bonus #3 - Family Food Intolerance Training Course ($50 Value)
*Will be available in the membership area starting February 21st, 2018
  •  Learn what foods are making your child sick and why.
  • Find out how to eliminate those  foods from your child's diet. 
  •  Plan your child's meals using new guidlines, recipes, and printable charts.
What you're Gonna Get...
Invest in Your Child Membership Site 

Bonus #1 - Audio Tracks 
Bonus #2 - Private Chat Group  
Bonus #3 - Family Food Intolerance Training Course 
($500 Value)

($300 Value)
($150 Value)
($50 Value)
Total Value 
See what real parents have to say about the 
Invested Membership website...
"...helps me stay on track..."

"The concepts covered in the Invest In My Child lessons help me organize and prioritize the important things in raising a family. Of course, most of us know these concepts, but trying to keep them at the forefront, rather than scrambling to take care of them is hard. This helps me to stay on track and not feel so scattered in trying to do my best."
                                                                                             - Tyler. Los Angeles, California

"...made me change my perspective..."

“I love how the first video is investing in yourself. This video made me change my perspective on what my “break” really should be. My “break” should be doing something mind-engaging and not so mind-numbing. Thank you for providing ideas for mind-engaging activities.”
                                                                  - Marissa. Eagle Pass, Texas

"I've seen positive results..."

“I’ve loved learning from and using the INVEST NOW program! It not only gives great advice for parenting but breaks it up into small manageable weekly challenges. I also love the videos and ideas they give for applying each step to customize it to your own child’s or family’s needs. I've seen positive results as I've applied the principles to my parenting and look forward to seeing more results as I continue to form these positive habits.” 
                                                                                                   - Kathryn. Redding, California

"I enjoyed the different perspectives from a mother and father..."

“I enjoyed the different perspectives of a mother and father in the Invest in Your Child videos, and I learned from both videos. I loved the third video and watching how Holly and Adam put everything together with their kids so the children can understand what their parents are trying to do and why. I think that is a vital part of being a good parent.”  
                                                                              - Joy. Montpelier, Idaho

"Making this a critical..."

"I feel like there are a lot more distractions now than there were when I was young, for me and my child. Making this a priority, and going out of your comfort zone like Holly said, is critical to the effectiveness of the challenge."
                                                                                     - Cassidee. St. George, Utah

"The website is organized and 
easy to navigate..."

"This website is very well organized and easy to navigate. It's always nice to get ideas about what other parents do. Thanks, Holly and Adam for sharing your insights with the world!"
                                                                                      - Stephanie. Blackfoot, Idaho

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